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AFKgg Maid Cafe Event


AFKgg Gamer Lounge
163 W Santa Clara St 95113 San Jose United States
AFKgg is proud to announce its first Maid Café event!

Come join your favorite AFKgg servers and bartenders as they bring you Akihabara maid café-inspired service in the patio on Memorial Day weekend!

We will be having drink specials, serving omelette rice, and consoles available to rent outside! There will be prizes and mini-games throughout the weekend, so be sure to stop by!
Getting curiouser and curiouser?
As the date approaches, we will be featuring photos and a short bio of our maids and butlers to give you a sneak peak at who we'll have taking care of you!
:: Café Event Details::
DATE: May 28th - 29th, 2016
TIME: 1:00pm - 7:00pm

::AFKgg Hours::
OPEN: 11:00am
Q: What is a maid café?
A: A maid cafe is a restaurant with the staff dressed as maids (with the emphasis on cute!). Other than basic food service, the maid may play a game with you, sit with you to talk about your favorite anime/games, or say some magical words to make your food taste better!

Q: Will you be taking reservations?
A: Yes! Please send all requests for reservations to info@afk.gg so that we can make sure you have a table!

Q: Do you need to have a reservation?
A: No, but it will pretty much guarantee you a table at your requested time. If it gets busy, you may have to wait in line!

Q: Can I rent a console at the Maid Café?
A: Yes! You'll also be able to play games with your maid! We will be having a package deal that goes with the console rentals outside. Please send an e-mail to info@afk.gg with inquiries.

Q: What kind of food will you be serving?
A: We will be having the classic omelette rice, sandwiches, appetizers, and desserts.

Q: What is omelette rice (Omu-raisu)?
A: It is a dish where fried rice is wrapped neatly under an omelette. The Omu-raisu is topped with ketchup when served.

Q: Will you be serving alcoholic beverages?
A: Yes! We will have a special menu for the maid café.

Q: I have a friend under 21. Can they still go to AFKgg?
A: Definitely! We are all ages until our kitchen closes at 12:00am on weekends.

Q: What prizes will you be having? And how do I win?
A: Patrons will be able to win various prizes with our point system. These points are gained when ordering and by participating in activities during the café business hours. Prizes include (but are not limited to): a drawing done by your maid/butler, a commemorative photo with the staff, and the opportunity challenge the staff to a game with your friends!


The AFKgg Maid Café is in no way related to the Fanimaid Café. Please support the volunteers of Fanime/Fanimaid by going to their Fanimaid Live! performances and the Fanimaid Café itself.